fast 3 days, every Atom will vibrate like crazy, even like a bodily earthquake.

श्रावण ०६,२०७७

-Surajeet Dutta

By: Surajeet Dutta

22 July, 2020. Fasting is method to rejuvenate human-body, secrete technic mention in Beda's as called Sanatan or ancient methodology .The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are. Naturally, every animal in the wilderness knows fasting, but in the name of modern civilization peoples ignore fasting. As our modern foods and feeding habits caused abdomen and other psychological and physiological problems. Mostly, people have a lot of non-organic particles and they desperately need to get them out. Only blocking up pores and organs, and in general causing a lot of problems.  We can say our hapazardious and unhealthy feeding habit is a root cause of most of the emerging health problem in these days.


The more salt you eat the more hardened ours joints and ligaments will become some people can't even cross their legs anymore.


During a fast our body intuitively, will decompose and burn only the substances and tissues that are damaged, diseased or unneeded. Such as abscesses, tumors, excess fat deposits, excess water and congestive wastes. Even a short fast from 1 to 3 days will accelerate elimination those unnecessary things from our liver, kidneys, lungs, blood stream and skin.


You will experience dramatic changes (cleansing and healing crisis) as accumulated wastes are expelled.  It definitely brings your awareness to another state. The clarity in my brain is on point like only a fast can do. It's digital if I may, And when you get fast 3 days, every Atom will vibrate like crazy, even like a bodily earthquake.  Water from fruits is the best, it is structured water made for us. When your water is coming from juicy fruits and watery vegetables your urine will not even stink but be sweet like your body also.


If our body is signaling us to stop eating, then listen. By fasting, we are working with Mother Nature to help expel the wastes and poisons we have accumulated in our body.


Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. Fasting activates autophagy, which helps slow down the aging process and has a positive impact on cell renewal. Short periods of fasting have a positive impact on cell renewal and help slowly down the aging process


I would like to suggest and urge our government and concern minister to disseminate such messages throughout vessels and means. This scientific approved method and our ancient techniques with free of cost and saving approach will very helpful to our country context. Why not we should follow it by today?