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Nepali rupee plunges to all-time low against US dollar                                


The Nepali rupee has, depreciated against the U.S. dollar. The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Wednesday fixed the exchange rate of one U.S. dollar at Rs. 124.41. The Nepali currency plunged to a record low against the US dollar today.

Earlier, the US dollar appreciated at its highest level against the Nepali Rupee at Rs. 124.25 per dollar on May 10, this year. Under the current system, the exchange rates quoted may differ by different commercial banks.

Nepali currency has come under pressure owing to the devaluation of the Indian rupee with which it is pegged. The Nepali rupee has a fixed exchange rate of Rs. 160 for IRs. 100.

The US dollar becoming strong over the months due to the improvement of the US economy, said Dr. Gunakar Bhatta, spokesperson at NRB.

“As the US economy continues to recover, foreign investors are encouraged to invest in the US economy more than others, so the US dollar continues to strengthen around the world,” he said.

The main reason for the strength of the US dollar is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine as foreign investors continue to invest in dollar as a safe and quality asset, he said.